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Introduction of New Features to the EASi Platform


The Commission is pleased to inform that new features have been added to its Electronically Advanced Submission interface or EASi platform which will significantly enhance the user experience with the system.  One of the key features is the ability to submit applications for renewal of registration.

The introduction of the new features will improve the Registration and Renewal process by allowing users to conduct a wider range of transactions remotely, thus minimising the necessity for in-person or paper-based interactions with the Commission.

Registrants are reminded that they are required to complete the Onboarding Process, before utilising the full range of features available through EASi. The system will further assist in the completion of forms by highlighting mandatory fields and identifying certain inaccurate data entries. Upon submission, users will receive notifications and can track the status of their applications. The system also includes features that allow subsequent forms to be pre-populated from previous submissions, thereby reducing data entry requirements.

The EASi platform will contribute to the development of the local securities market by creating more efficiency and accuracy within the regulatory system, and ensure a more robust market for all to participate. We therefore encourage those registrants, who have not yet completed the Onboarding Process, to do so as soon as possible.


What is EASi?

EASi is an online service offered by the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (“ the Commission”) that allows persons or organisations involved in the Securities Market to manage their registration, disclosures filings and renewals online.  EASi is meant to replace the manual process for all submissions which it facilitates.

The “Electronically Advanced Submission interface” (EASi) aims to improve current processes by allowing users to conveniently conduct their business at any time from any place. It also allows for faster turnaround time for submissions, and facilitates the tracking of application status. It is a secure, convenient way of doing business with the Commission.



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