In keeping with our mandate to create and promote such conditions in the securities industry to ensure its orderly growth, regulation and development, the Commission will from time to time issue guidance notes, circular letters, FAQs and policies:

  1. To assist registrants in their interpretation and compliance with the Securities Act 2012 ( as amended) and its related subsidiary legislation; and
  2. To reflect the Commission’s views on international/regional developments related to the securities industry.

Material Change Guidance



As a member of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), the Commission fully endorses the guidance provided by IOSCO, which are quite often extremely relevant in our local context. The Commission will update this information as required and encourages its Registrants to be guided accordingly.  In the event of any doubt regarding IOSCO’s guidance, note that the Staff of the Commission is available to provide further, specific assistance as may be deemed necessary.

Statement on Importance of Disclosure about COVID-19


Press release: IOSCO encourages issuers’ fair disclosure about COVID-19 related impacts


IOSCO Alerts

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IOSCO Statement on Application of Accounting Standards during the COVID-19 OutbreakIOSCONEWS561

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