List of Registrants

In accordance with the requirements of Section 52(8) of the Securities Act, 2012, the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission publishes a list of the companies and individuals who are authorised and registered to sell securities each year.


Collective Investment Schemes registered with the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission

Registration Information for CISs (2010-2017)



The Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (“the Commission”) is responsible for ensuring that the securities industry operates in a fair, transparent and efficient manner in order to protect the rights of investors.

The Commission regulates the securities market by registering all securities that are distributed to the public, all issuers of those securities, and market intermediaries directly involved in the issuance, offering and sale of those securities e.g. Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisers, Underwriters, and Self-Regulatory Organizations. Certain employees or officers of Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisers and Underwriters are also required to be registered with the Commission as Registered Representatives.


Registration requires all registrants (issuers of securities as well as market intermediaries such as Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisers, and Underwriters) to provide the Commission with pertinent information regarding the registrant itself (such as background information on its operations, management and financial position) as well as the securities being distributed. The Commission ensures that the information meets the requirements of the law and is available to the public.

Firms and individuals are registered by category – each registration category attracts different educational, experience, and financial requirements, and permits different activities. The Commission ensures that the companies are genuine entities with a registered office, staffed by qualified professionals who possess the knowledge, skills and experience to conduct the class of business for which the companies are being registered.


Registration will not be granted unless the Commission is satisfied that an applicant is fit and proper, meets the requirement of the law with respect to capital and educational qualifications, and discloses any information that may affect the conduct and integrity of his/her business. This information is also available for public viewing at the Commission.

However, the provision of information does not end after the initial registration. Registrants are required to continuously provide the Commission, as well as investors, with information inclusive of changes which may positively or negatively impact the performance of their business and the securities available to investors.


While we advise investors to deal only with registrants that are registered with the Commission, registration with the Commission is NOT an endorsement of the registrant or of any security. The Commission provides neither guarantee nor opinion on the performance of a registrant or security.

Always remember, even though you are dealing with someone who is registered with the Commission, you should evaluate the registrant and the securities being offered and if necessary, seek independent financial advice before making an investment decision.



  • Broker-Dealer

A firm acting as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller of securities, usually for a fee or a commission. When acting as a broker, a Broker-Dealer executes orders on behalf of his/her client. When acting as a dealer, a Broker-Dealer executes trades for his/her firm’s own account


  • Investment Adviser

An individual or firm that advises clients on investment in, or the purchase or sale of securities on a professional basis.


  • Registered Representative

An employee or officer of a registered Broker-Dealer, Investment Adviser or Underwriter who liaises with members of the public on behalf of their employers further to the offering, distribution or sale of securities.


  • Reporting Issuer

A corporation that has issued or proposes to distribute securities to the public and is subject to the continuous disclosure requirements of the Commission.


  • Self-Regulatory Organization

A non-governmental organization that has the power to create and enforce industry regulations and standards. The priority is to protect investors through the establishment of rules that promote ethics and equality.


  • Sponsored Broker-Dealer

An individual who is employed by a Brokerage firm from a foreign jurisdiction.  This individual aligns himself/herself with a local Broker-Dealer who sponsors his/her registration with the Commission.  A Sponsored Broker-Dealer that is registered with the Commission can conduct securities business in Trinidad and Tobago for a maximum of 90 days in a calendar year.


  • Underwriter

A company that arranges for the issuance or distribution of securities and/or agrees to purchase any unsold securities thereby guaranteeing full subscription.


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