Board of Commissioners

The Securities Act, 2012, allowed for the expansion of the Board of Commissioners to no more than nine (9) nor fewer than five (5) members including the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, an attorney at law of at least ten (10) years standing and a representative from the Ministry of Finance. …

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is “To be an effective regulator fostering confidence in the securities industry.” Our mission is “To protect investors, promote and enable the growth and development of the securities industry by nurturing fair, efficient and transparent securities markets, cooperating with other regulators and mitigating systemic risk.”

Governing Legislation

The Securities Industry Act (SIA 1995) was proclaimed in 1997, ushering in a new regime in the securities market in Trinidad and Tobago and giving birth to the Securities and Exchange Commission (“the Commission”). In December 2012 the SIA 1995 was repealed and replaced by the Securities Act (SA 2012) “an …

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