Self-Regulatory Organization Application

Application for Registration as a Self-Regulatory Organization

Name of Applicant (state exact name as specified in constituent document):
Country of Incorporation or Organization of Applicant:
If incorporated in a country other than Trinidad and Tobago, is the Applicant registered in Trinidad and Tobago?: 
Type of Business Applicant proposes to carry on:
Does the Applicant have Rules for the governance of its Members? (The Rules of the Applicant must accompany this Application):
Has the Applicant or a Director or Officer of the Applicant ever been refused registration by the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission?: 
Name of Principal Executive Officer of the Applicant:
Address of Principal Executive Officer of the Applicant:
Names and Addresses of Members of Board of Directors of Applicant:
Address and Telephone Number(s) of Applicant's Principal Place of Business:
Date: 22-June-2024
Signature:  ______________________________________________________________________

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