TTSEC Media Release- GHL Settlement

In the Matter of the Securities Act Chap. 83:02 (“Act”) and the Securities Industry (Take-Over) By-Laws, 2005 (“By-Laws”)


In the Matter of Rule 61 and Rule 62 of Securities Industry (Hearings and Settlements) Practice Rules, 2008 (“Hearing Rules”)


In the Matter of NCB Global Holdings Limited’s along with the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (“NCBJ”) and NCB Financial Group Limited (collectively referred to as (“Offeror”) Offer and Take-Over Bid Circular (“Bid Circular”) dated December 8, 2017 (and amended on January 12, 2018 and February 2, 2018), to acquire 74,230,750 ordinary shares (“Targeted Shares”) in Guardian Holdings Limited (“GHL” or “Offeree Issuer”) so as to result in the Offeror holding not more than 62% of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Offeree Issuer and other related transactions leading up to the issuance of same (“the Matter”).


GHL-NCBG Settlement

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