What should a user do if he/she encounters an issue while using EASi?

If a user encounters an issue while using EASi, he/she should formally communicate the issue to the Commission via the EASi Helpdesk page. The EASi Helpdesk page can be accessed via the Commission’s website www.ttsec.org.tt. Once on the website, the user will be required to click on the EASi tab, then click on the EASi Helpdesk hyperlink to access the Issue Escalation Form.

Once the form is completed with a description of the issue encountered and submitted to the Commission, a representative will reach out to the user within two (2) business days.

Additionally, if the user wishes to provide feedback on his/her experience, the same can be communicated to the Commission by completing and submitting the User Feedback Form which can be found when the EASi Helpdesk hyperlink is selected.

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