The Importance of Disclosure Filings to Investors

The Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC) was established as a body corporate, by virtue of the Securities Industry Act of 1995 (“SIA 1995”) which was repealed and replaced by the Securities Act, 2012 (“SA 2012”). The TTSEC is an autonomous agency whose primary roles are the protection of investors and fostering the orderly growth/ development of the local capital market. In order to facilitate this, market participants are required to submit particular disclosure filings via the approved forms and within the prescribed timeframes in accordance with the SA 2012 and the Securities (General) By-laws, 2015 (“the General By-laws”). This type of regulation is referred to as a disclosure-based approach. The information disclosed in these documents aids in the TTSEC’s monitoring and evaluation of activities and offerings within the securities market.


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