Glossary of Terms

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Profits made by a company which is then shared with the shareholders of that company.
Earnings per share
The division of profits over shares in a company.
Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
Financial transactions which take place via computer networks.
The process of communicating online by converting data into a specific code so that only authorized individuals can decode it.
Long term funds that are usually owned by non-profit organizations.
Enterprise risk management
A strategic plan by an organization to manage risks.
Entry price
The price an investor pays to obtain an investment.
Ownership interest in a corporation in the form of common stock or preferred stock. Equity gives you ownership in a company. If you own stocks or shares, you have equity in, or own a portion (however small) of the company. Alternatively, total assets minus total liabilities are called shareholder's equity or net worth.
The net worth of a person’s assets in terms of property, possessions etc.  usually at death
Exchange rate
The rate at which one type of currency can be traded for another
Exchange-traded fund (ETF)
A group of securities (Commodities, stocks, bonds etc.) traded on a stock exchange that usually tracks a stock index.
The money that is paid toward something or will be paid.

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