Investing 101 in Trinidad and Tobago: Part 3 of 3 – Avoiding Scams

In our two previous articles we shared some of the tools that you can use to get started with investing, as a means of making your money work for you. We focused on  some of the available resources on our investor education website such as: a risk profile test, Investor Education Manual and Work Book and Online course, blog articles, life stages and our Investing Game, Investor Quest tt – We also discussed some of the key considerations prior to making an investment, such as your risk appetite, your investor profile, setting financial goals, and knowing the types of registered investments available in our local capital market.

For the final article in this three-part investor education series,  we share some tips on how to select a stockbroker and how you can protect yourself from investment fraud or scams.


Read more here—>Investing 101 Part 3 of 3- Avoiding Scams


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