The Role of Compliance and Inspections in Enforcing the Securities Law

The Securities Act, Chapter 83:02 (SA), provides the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC) with the power to take enforcement action against any registrant for failing to comply with the SA. Where, during the course of a compliance review (or inspection) in accordance with section 89 of the SA, a registrant is found to be in contravention of (or contravening) the relevant legislation, the matter may be referred for enforcement action. Under Section 7 (1) (h) and (j), of the SA, the TTSEC has the power to take “enforcement action against any person for failing to comply with the Act”; and to “formulate, prepare and publish notices, guidelines, bulletins and policies describing the views of the Commission regarding the interpretation, application, or enforcement of this Act”.


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