Top Trader Investment Game- Prize Giving

4-Apr-2014 9:00 AM – 4-Apr-2014 9:00 AM
Venue: Marriott Courtyard, Invaders Bay, Port of Spain

The TTSEC in partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited, launched an online game titled its Top Trader Investment Game for citizens over the age of 18. The Game, which was played using Facebook, was designed as an interactive tool to help participants understand the basics of investing in the stock market and securities products.  The competition encouraged participants to build and manage an investment portfolio by evaluating stocks, managing risks and practising other investment fundamentals.

At the prize giving ceremony the TTSEC will present the top three winners of the Top Trader Investment Game with their prizes. The prizes, which were sponsored by the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited, have no cash equivalent but entitle winners to purchase stock on the Exchange. The First Prize valued at $7500.00 will be awarded to David Sookharry; the Second Prize valued at $5000.00, to Elizabeth Sue and the Third Prize valued at $3500.00 will be awarded to Denesh Mohan.

Of the 428 persons registered for the game in January 2014, 320 persons actually created portfolios and played through to the end of the competition on March 07. The total number of portfolios that were modified was 1,818 and the total number of transactions over the period was 5,525. Overall, the total value traded was $17,624,913.11.


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