Deceptive Email and Misuse of TTSEC’s Name

Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (“TTSEC”) wishes to bring to the attention of the general public an email currently in circulation purporting to emanate from an official of the TTSEC.

The email notifies the recipient that taxes/payments are due to TTSEC in respect of investments held by the recipient. TTSEC has concluded that the contents of the email and the associated email address are deceptive and exhibit features of a phishing scam with the intent to fraudulently solicit funds from unsuspecting individuals.

Members of the public are therefore advised that TTSEC has NOT authorised the distribution of the misleading email and will NOT instruct persons to pay any taxes/payments due on investments, whether crypto-related or otherwise. The TTSEC does not collect taxes.


Read more —> Media Release- Deceptive Email and Misuse of TTSEC’s Name- 12.07.22

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