Reporting Issuer

Documents to submit:

  • Registration Statement filing fee of TT$100.00
  • Registration fee of TT$5,000.00
  • Form No. 4 dated and signed by CEO and 2 Directors
  • Form No. 2 for each director, dated and signed by the respective director
  • List of the names and residential addresses of directors and directorships held in other entities including subsidiaries of the company and international companies
  • The list of the names and addresses of shareholders holding an interest of 10% or more in the company
  • Latest audited financials statements or annual reports
  • Certified copies of constituent documents, i.e., Certificate of Incorporation/Continuance, Articles of Incorporation, By-laws of the Company (in English)
  • If Incorporated outside of Trinidad and Tobago, proof of registration as an External Company with the Company’s Registrar

Note – The required submissions for registration include, but are not limited to the above.

August 21, 2006

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