The Governing Laws of the Securities Industry in Trinidad and Tobago

As we approach our 25th anniversary of protecting investors and fostering the orderly growth and development of the local capital market, the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (“TTSEC”) remains committed to its mandate. The TTSEC is an autonomous agency which was established as a body corporate, by virtue of the Securities Industry Act of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Act No. 32 of 1995 (“SIA 1995”), which was proclaimed in 1997. In December 2012, the SIA 1995 was repealed and replaced by the Securities Act, Chapter 83:02 of the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (“SA 2012”). This governing legislation authorises the TTSEC to regulate the securities market of Trinidad and Tobago. This week’s article provides an overview of the SA 2012 as well as the By-laws and Guidelines issued by the TTSEC in accordance with this legislation.


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